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New Religion - Coach Strobcam

Coach Strobcam perform their original song “New Religion” at their practice space in East Vancouver. This was recorded in November 2019, with additional photography in January 2020. More information on this group can be found here.

Where You Want Me - Coach Strobcam

Coach Strobcam perform their original song “Where You Want Me” at the Princeton Pub and Grill, Vancouver, B.C.  This was recorded in March 2018. More information on this group can be found here.

Mayne Loop - Chris Gestrin

Chris Gestrin and band record for the soundtrack of the film INSIDE PASSAGE. This is an excerpt from the documentary INSIDE THE SOUNDTRACK. For more information see the INSIDE PASSAGE page on this website.

Powerclown - Killers

From the concert documentary MAIDEN EAST VAN (2002). 

more at MAIDEN EAST VAN page

Silent Night - Streetflusher

Streetflusher live in performance at the Glass Slipper, December 1995. Was it a telethon as well?

ontario93-5 copy

The Sweaters.Ontario.1993

A tour documentary. 

WATCH THIS FILM  password- 1993

Do Anything That You Want - The Sweaters

Produced in conjunction with the Sweaters 1993 CD release THE POP THING.

Under The Johnson Street Bridge - The Wardells

The Wardells went to the streets of Victoria for their 1989 locally-inspired hit song. 

Get You To Want Me - The Wardells

Produced in support of The Wardells 1988 LP “Now”.

I’m In A Hurry - The Wardells

The Wardells 1988 LP “Now” was released on Zulu Records. 

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