Maiden East Van

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“…the band’s performance makes POWERCLOWN: MAIDEN EAST VAN worth watching. Powerclown doesn’t clown around when it comes to their devotion to Iron Maiden…Singer Dixie Di’Anno has a voice reminiscent of Jello Biafra’s, and aggressive tremolo perfectly suited to this genre of music. The Cobalt crowd looks entertained. One guy ecstatically recites Maiden lyrics as Di’Anno sings them. And eventually a topless girl does get up onstage, a clear sign that, by the end of the night, the band’s message of love was being received.”

                                - Broken Pencil review

                                              RIVETING PERFORMANCES FROM THE FILM

                                                POWERCLOWN BEHIND THE SCENES

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filmed at the Cobalt Hotel  Vancouver, British Columbia

December 28, 2001

Front camera operator - Ziggy

Side camera operator - Jeff Carter

Audio recording - Brent Larmet

Director / Editor - Jeff Carter

Production Manager - James Richards

Production equipment provided by Indievisuals and Semprini Recording.

Thanks to “Edda”, John Gaunt, Jason and Wendi of Fullbore Productions, Walter and everyone at the Cobalt, Kim, Corey Cameron, Catlyn at Funhouse, Dan at Rocky Mountain Sound, Craig Wallace, and Boozy the Clown.

No thanks to Stripes

Produced in association with Ocular Tip Media, James Richards, Indievisuals,and Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society

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