Inside Passage

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The passenger ferry routes of the Pacific Northwest are featured in an ambient showcase of Diarmuid Conway’s Super-8 images and Chris Gestrin’s soundtrack.

INSIDE PASSAGE is available courtesy of Vimeo-On-Demand

The 70 minute program features the companion documentary INSIDE THE SOUNDTRACK, with additional sequences and band performances, followed by the resultant film INSIDE PASSAGE. The documentary follows composer Chris Gestrin as he records sound along Pacific Northwest passenger ferry routes, then incorporates these recordings into music created and performed for the film. Cinematographer Diarmuid Conway revisits locations from the original filming, and captures the related aesthetic discussion in the studio. Producer Jeff Carter directed and edited this documentary, and served as co-editor (with Conway) for the INSIDE PASSAGE film.

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A discussion with Jeff Carter regarding the process and technical considerations involved with the making this film appeared in the online zine Zero For Conduct.

An excerpt from the documentary INSIDE THE SOUNDTRACK features Chris Gestrin and band recording the INSIDE PASSAGE soundtrack. 

An outtake sequence. 

A second collection of outtakes from the collected footage and music recordings for Inside Passage. 

The filmmakers discuss the project.

project components

INSIDE PASSAGE   24 minutes   HD   2008                                                                                               INSIDE THE SOUNDTRACK   48 minutes   DV   2010                                                                               WINDY DECK   4 minutes   HD   2010                                                                                                         MAGIC HOUR   2 minutes   HD   2010                                                                                                      OTHER BOAT   6 minutes   HD   2010


Vancouver International Film Festival   October 2008                                                                               Local Sightings   Seattle, Washington   October 2008                                                                           Beloit International Film Festival   February 2009                                                                             Antimatter   Victoria, BC   October 2009

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images       Diarmuid Conway

sound        Chris Gestrin

producer    Jeff Carter

produced with the assistance of The Canada Council for the Arts and the Cineworks Production Fund

featuring   William Evans   Shannon MacFarlane   David Hay

music composed and produced by  Chris Gestrin

recorded at The Factory, Vancouver, British Columbia

recording engineer  Sheldon Zaharko

piano - Chris Gestrin                                                                                                                                                 guitar - Ron Samworth                                                                                                                                              horns - Jon Bentley                                                                                                                                                    bass - Andre LaChance                                                                                                                                      percussion - Joel Fountain

Steinway Concert Grand provided by Tom Lee Music

audio mix  DBC Sound  Vancouver                                                                                                                            re-recording engineer   Gash Ariana

Super-8 to HD transfer  Flying Spot  Seattle, Washington

title sequence  Flick Harrison

color correction and mastering  Finale Editworks   Vancouver, British Columbia

thanks to:  David Rimmer   David Robbins   Craig Trudeau   Jurgen Berwald    Bojan Bodruzic                            Jean Denis Rouette   Jean Luc Perron   Flick Harrison   Tod Duym   Chris Eastwood, Film Central

inside passage


direction / edit   Jeff Carter

camera  Diarmuid Conway

featuring Chris Gestrin and band

filmed on location in the southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia and Factory Recording Studio, Vancouver

                                                                                                                                  Inside Passage copyright Ocular Tip Media 2008

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