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Brief Encounters 17 Act 5                                                                                          9 minutes  dv  2011

Brief Encounters is a multi-disciplinary performance event, presenting artist pairings with two weeks to conceive and perform an original work. This performance was created for Brief Encounters 17 by Meghan Currie and Jeff Carter, appearing August 31-September 2, 2011 at Performance Works, Vancouver.


The Last Years Of The Twentieth Century                                                                     28 minutes  dv  2005

The last of a series working concertedly with captured broadcast footage. This selective montage examines themes and undercurrents informing current events as they transpired in the 1990s. 

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iraq wars

Iraq War(s)   event event   Round the Clock Follies   The Responsibility of Intellectuals                                                                                                                  28 minutes  dv  2004

Three short films, re-edited from broadcast news. 

event event is similar to its 1997 predecessor - a concentrated examination of a single event unfolding on the network news loops, in this case the 2003 Firdos Square statue toppling in Baghdad. 

Round The Clock Follies charts absurd moments presented with utmost earnestness by the network news during the 2003 Iraq War. 


The Responsibility of Intellectuals reflects Noam Chomsky’s influential 1967 essay. Concepts from the essay are examined via segments from a contemporaneous PBS MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour discussion of the Al-Amiriyya shelter bombing.   


Strict Time                                                                                                                     15 minutes  16mm  2002/1990

It’s 1990 and Roland Tyre is just finishing his graduate degree in History when world historic events occur which ensure the very end of history as once known. Suddenly unemployable within his field, Roland must adjust to new circumstances.

Video Diary                                                                                                                      7 minutes  Hi-8  1997

The diary of a filmmaker whose recent rushes were unencouraging… the Great Leap series stumbling amidst varying ennui.

event…event…                                                                                                                3 minutes  VHS  1997

A concentrated examination of a single event as it unfolds on the network news loops, working from coverage of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics pipe bomb explosion.

Now Selling                                                                                                                      3 minutes  16mm  1995

A selection from GOING HOME IN 3 MINUTES, a 1995 omnibus film produced by the filmmaker for Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society. Filmmakers create a 3-minute film utilizing limited resources, based on a common theme. The theme of this production was “home”. 

headindowntown copy

Headin’ Downtown                                                                                                          2 minutes  VHS  1994

On the outskirts of Winnipeg in October 1993, late in the Sweaters tour of that same month and year celebrated in the documentary Sweaters. Ontario. 1993. 

Our Question To You Today                                                                                           24 minutes  16mm  1992

“Is world peace possible?” The drone of contemporary events as replayed through the mainstream media counterposed through local perspectives. The Cold War suddenly ends, and a virtual war takes its place. Then events move on...

You Might Think Of Your Life                                                                                         10 minutes  16mm  1991

“You might think of your life as being similar to a movie.” An infomercial's insistent refrain informs the simulacra of late 20th century Vancouver.

denman street copy

Denman Street                                                                                                                3 minutes  dual screen Super-8  1982

This is a dual-projector film created under David Rimmer’s instruction at SFU. Filmmakers were instructed to shoot two rolls of Super-8 at a select street in downtown Vancouver. Then re-shoot the footage projected on various textures or otherwise manipulated for another two reels. Then finally construct a short film from the ensuing footage. 

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